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  1. Hi

    your blog is great ! congrats. I’m considering doing an MBA in the coming years, however considering its financial impact and the economic crisis, I am not sure it is a good idea, even if my motivation is strong. what’s the ROI of your MBA – I mean not personnaly, I’m sure the experience is great, I’m considering only the professional aspect: did you reach your goal (job, wage..) I read that you wanted to join the luxury elective, did you finally managed to work in the luxury area ?

    kind regards

    Comment by student — 11 décembre 2010 @ 23 h 06 min

  2. Hi Xavier,

    The question of ROI is one that I had in mind from the beginning of my journey, as I was applying.
    I think this question is more important for more mature applicants who have worked 7+ years before and started building a career on their own.
    For students with less than 5 years of experience, the question is slightly different because in most cases, the MBA will be a career accelerator directly after graduation. Where for more mature students, who are typically looking more for a career switch, they may anticipate a step down right after graduation, to be countered by better personal balance, better long term opportunities, better adequacy with personal interest, etc…

    As a mature student looking to maximise ROI, I believe that the key to that is to get the right expectations upfront and do the homework around that.
    In my case, I knew that I could offer a hot skill with my past international career as an e-business consultant. In addition, I knew that the luxury sector sees China as the #1 growth market and that e-marketing is a new trend to promote luxury brands. So my first exercise was to create a professional objective that made sense.
    I then investigated MBA options to switch to luxury and China, and the HEC-Tsinghua double degree was the best one on the MBA market. The tuition cost related to this curriculum was also lower than for most similarly reputable MBAs at just under 40k euros in total for the 2 years. The cost factor was important to me because my geographical and sector objective means that I really can’t expect to earn more than what I used to get before as a consultant in Europe.

    I have not completed my MBA cursus yet to I can’t answer about nailing a job. However, what I can say is that, at this stage, 6 months before graduation, I have made some promising contacts in the industry and the fact that I can do some interesting e-business work at a luxury company in China in the next few months is a real possibility.

    I hope it answers your question,

    Comment by pam — 18 décembre 2010 @ 10 h 48 min

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